I Wrote the Gospel on Giving Up

It’s the first day back at school work after the Easter weekend and, after several overindulgent days of beer, wine, chips and chocolate, I decided I was in dire need of a diet, detox or whatever weird and wonderful whim I felt like following this week. I’m a food-obsessed, health-conscious vegan, who loves food far too much and can always be counted on to bore my friends and family with the latest ‘fascinating’ facts on superfoods and food as medicine.

I don’t always practice what I preach, though, as this week I was back on the fast dietalso known as 5:2 and, despite packing myself a bag full(ish) of food, I found myself drawn towards the chippy, mere hours into the working day. Maybe it’s because it feels like a Monday, maybe it’s because I’m still mourning the loss of my lovely long weekend, or maybe (and most likely) it’s just because I have no willpower and really enjoy food.

I think I’m destined to be fat forever as, no matter how well informed or good intentioned I am, the draw of the decadent and delicious is just too great. In my mind and in an ideal world, it would be so much easier if I lived in California, where health foods are plenty and it’s easy to find food for whatever food fad or drastic diet is flavour of the week. The flavour, however, is what I am weak for, so I’ll continue to read, eat, tweet, repeat and hope that I can salvage my weak week.


3 thoughts on “I Wrote the Gospel on Giving Up

  1. So true and when you’ve decided upon chips, there’s no turning back. Even when my colleagues tutted and told me not to, I was just like, IT’S HAPPENING, I’M DOING IT.

    I love this blog upon first glance – cheers for the recommendation!

    • She’s brilliant. I came across Katie as part of her “30 Days of Awesome” project at the start of this year and she has completely changed my thinking on body image, food and weight loss – all things that I have been struggling with as a lady raised in patriarchy who is considerably larger than she once was…

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